During storms, we often receive emergency calls for a loss of power to businesses and homes. There can be many reasons for power outages but the number one cause is water entering a light fitting or roof space causing the power to trip. Simple checks and tests around the property can be the difference between having power and hours without power.

Follow our tips and tricks and be prepared and ready for stormy weather and if all else fails get in touch.

Clean Gutters

Water ingress can trip your power. If water doesn’t have a clear path for water to flush away during a storm, it will overflow into the roof space filling light fittings with water and saturating cables causing the power to trip.  This is the number one reason for the loss of power during a storm.

Seal Outside Power Points

Keep water out of outside fittings. Rain entering an exterior fitting can cause power loss.  Clean and make sure all outdoor power points are sealed.  Clear Silicone works a treat for sealing a fitting.

Check outside lights

Check for signs of water ingress.  Outdoor lights filled with water are another cause for loss of power to the property.  Replace existing lights with IP rated lights that are waterproof.

Test your RCD’s – do they pass the test?

On your switchboard, push the test button on your power and light RCD safety switches.  If they trip when the test button is pushed, your RCD is working and ready to protect you from any electrical threat.

Check and test smoke alarms.

When there is a power outage, the smoke alarms battery powers the alarm.  Check for a green light to indicate it has power and push the test button to make sure the alarm works.  Replace your battery annually.

Visit westernpower.com.au or download the app.

If you lose power during a storm, check with Western Power outages map to see when power will be restored in your area.

Don’t forget to have your torch and candles ready – just in case!

Bara Electrical provides 24/7 emergency services.  If you’re not sure what’s causing a power outage in your home or workplace –  call us and we will troubleshoot the problems and get your power back on ASAP.