Christmas is a fun time and if you’re like us -we’re counting the sleeps until Santa arrives and we’re putting up the Christmas lights.  Because we know how much the people of Perth also love their Christmas lights, it reminded us of the importance of keeping your home safe.

If used incorrectly, Christmas lights can cause fire and we want to share with you our safety tips.

  1. CHECK THE SAFETY RATING – Did you know that Christmas lights need to comply with Australian Standards? Look for an approval number (e.g. Q12345; V12345; N12345; NSW12345) or the regulatory compliance mark logo. These indicate compliance with Australian Standards. These marks must be on the Christmas lights and are normally found on the packaging, plastic tag near the plug, or on the transformer body if it is an extra low voltage type.
  2. ANY DAMAGE – When you take your lights out of storage carefully check them over. If they are frayed at any points you run the risk of having an electrical short which can cause fires and/or damage the rest of your lights. This also applies to extension leads. When in doubt throw them out.
  3. INDOOR OR OUTDOOR? – There is a difference between the two. It’s very important to respect the usage outlined specifically for your lights. Also make sure all outdoor electrical connections are weatherproof.
  4. HANG WITH CARE – Take care to hang your lights only in safe spaces. Try to stay away from items such as curtains, paper, candles, or any other flammable materials.
  5. INSTALL A SAFETY SWITCH or use a portable safety switch and test it before setting up your lights.
  6. PLUGGING IN: Avoid using power boards (unless fitted with over-load protection) double adaptors or piggy back plugs.

Bara Electrical wish you the happiest and safest of holiday seasons.  MERRY CHRISTMAS!