Data Antennas &TV Points

Data, Antennas &TV Points

Bara Electrical are not just your one stop electrical guru but we are also experts in installing televisions and antennas along with data point installation services as well. The data installation industry is regulated and all technicians require an appropriate licence. Our technicians have undergone extensive on the job training so you can be sure we meet the legislated standards for installation.

Our experienced and professional technicians are on hand to come to your home or office to make sure you have all the outlets installed expertly and exactly where you need them. Whether that’s by installing new data points or by moving existing outlets to another position in your home or office, we’ll get the job done right the first time.

We also provide computer data cabling services where necessary to ensure your PC can go exactly where you want it. This service is especially useful if you’re intending to set up a home office where computer placement and internet connection are extremely important to your productivity.
If you need data outlets installed or require relocation or repair of existing points, or you’re looking into computer data cabling as an option then get in touch with us.