In early March 2018, a young 11 year old Perth girl suffered a massive electric shock from a garden tap leaving her with brain damage.   See full story here.

How can something like this happen?  Especially in Australia where we work and live with an abundance of safety standards and compliance.

It is possible for water to carry electrical currents and also for the metal tap to be electrically charged when a building’s electrical earthing is not sufficient, which is what we believe happened in this case.

If you notice a tingling sensation when touching any taps, whether located inside or outside, turn the electricity off straight away and ensure you get it looked at by a licensed electrical contractor ASAP.

Other signs include the RCD tripping which cuts off electricity to the home from the meter box.   If an RCD trips twice for no apparent reason, have your wiring and appliances tested by a licensed electrical contractor.

Prevention is better than a cure!

It is a good idea to schedule regular safety checks of your home every 5 years minimum to:

  • ensure wiring hasn’t been damaged or worn by age or rodents,
  • check that RCD safety switches are compliant and in working order, and
  • most importantly to keep your family safe.

  • Bara Electrical take electrical safety very seriously.  We are licensed electricians that provide award winning customer service in the Perth metropolitan area. 

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    Further information is also available from Energy Safety at