Perth is heating up and we hope you will soon have your air conditioner blasting out some nice COOL air.

To make sure this happens and your air con is running efficiently, it’s important to have an annual maintenance check and clean.  This will ensure your system is operating at its optimal rate, keeping it energy efficient and running smoothly.  No one wants to live in a hot box!

What happens when you don’t maintain your air conditioning system?

  • Split systems: Filters need to be cleaned every year and replaced when necessary. When not in use mould and bacteria build up quickly in air conditioning units. Units may need to be maintained twice a year depending on how much they are used.
  • Evaporative systems: If not serviced once a year may cause faulty parts due to calcium and dirt build up inside the head unit as it is outdoors and exposed to all the elements.

What happens when you do?

  • Regular annual maintenance helps to improve the efficiency and reliability of your air conditioning system. It will also help to increase the life of your system.
  • A well maintained air conditioner will run more efficiently, saving you money. If your split unit or ducted system is not maintained regularly it will not perform at its best and may use more electricity.
  • Air conditioning not only provides warm and cool air, it also cleans the air and helps control the moisture level in your home.

At BARA ELECTRICAL & SERVICES we understand how important it is to have your air conditioning regularly maintained. Along with cleaning the filters, we also service the head unit and outside condenser to make sure they’re working correctly.

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*             Applies to  1 x evaporative unit  or up to 3 x split system units ($30 per unit thereafter)

*             Service only ~ Parts, gas or additional labour is required. We will quote before we proceed.


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