With this Perth’s summer about to get hotter than ever, you are probably asking yourself ‘how am I going to get through this?’, particularly if you’re not so keen on a heat wave!

At Bara Electrical, we want Perth peeps to survive this summer and we want to make sure you enjoy it!

Here’s our best tips on how to make the most of the scorching days – with a bit of insight from our team.

Get into some cold water

Without a doubt, the best way to escape the heat is to get into the water at one of Perth’s many amazing beaches (and remember to sunscreen up if you do!). If you don’t live nearby to a beach and you don’t have a pool (or a friend with a pool), there’s always your local swimming pool.

See a movie

Kick back and relax in a dark, cool cinema and let the heat become a distant memory.  Find the closest cinema and check out the latest moves at https://www.flicks.com.au/cinemas/perth/

Hang out in the air conditioning, whether you have the luxury of ducted air or a split system – just hang around and enjoy!

Installing an air-conditioner is pretty much a necessity.  Talk to us about the right system for your home, lifestyle and budget and we will have it installed in a flash

Run under a sprinkler

An Aussie tradition and you don’t have to be a kid.  Just get out there with your sprinkler or a hose in your garden. A quick run through a sprinkler is the perfect way to refresh after a long day in the classroom (or at work).

Get yourself a cold drink at one of Perth’s great bars

The last decade has seen lots of fantastic bars opening up around Perth and this summer may be the perfect opportunity to go and sample some of the delicious cold drinks they have on offer.

Organise a Picnic in the shade

Perth boasts many beautiful parks, with an abundance of excellent, shady picnic spots. Lounging in the shade with some cold drinks, friends and some nibbles is a perfect way to get out of the heat. Don’t forget your esky and ice!

Crank up the Fan until sunset then head to the Twilight Markets

Sometimes the best way to deal with the heat of the day is just not to deal with it. Close the curtains, crank up your fan and wait for the sun to disappear beyond the horizon. Then head down to the weekend Twilight Market happening near you.  Enjoy delicious food trucks, music and market stalls to keep you full and entertained into the evening.

Explore a Gallery or the Local Shopping Centre

It’s not just that the art museums in Perth are spacious and air-conditioned, there’s something naturally cooling about looking at art. Equally as cool is picking up a good bargain at the local shopping centre or just having a browse.  Check out the Art Gallery of Western Australia or the Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts

I scream, you scream – WE ALL WANT ICE CREAM!!

Head on down to one of Perth’s amazing Gelaterias or Ice Cream Shops, each offering flavours beyond your imagination.  Not only does it taste great but it’s also ice cold and sure to bring down that body temperature!