Perth Electricians, Bara Electrical remind Perth homeowners and property managers that smoke alarms in homes and workplaces are essential and are required by law.

In just a matter of seconds, a fire can spread, causing severe damage to your property and put lives at risk. Therefore, a smoke alarm must be a reliable and effective detection and warning that there is a fire soon after it starts.

Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

Along with common sense and safety measures, the best defence you have is smoke alarms. But having them installed is just one part of the equation. Position smoke alarms in the correct places to ensure that they can perform in the most reactive way possible.

In some cases – such as during renovations or a new build – you can ensure your builder and electrician install the alarms in the following locations:

Kitchen Smoke Alarm

You don’t want your smoke alarm going off when you open the oven door, so the placement of your kitchen smoke detector is often the one that needs the most precision.

  • Install kitchen smoke alarms at least 3 metres away from any kitchen appliances of fittings that may trigger ‘false alarms,’ such as the stovetop, oven, or toaster.
  • Photoelectric smoke detectors are good at detecting larger particles of typical smoky fires, and not so good at detecting smoke typical of a cooking scenario. They’re an excellent choice for the kitchen area, as they’re less prone to false alarms.
  • Some smoke alarms also have a temperature adjustment feature that can be adjusted to fit your kitchen atmosphere best.

Bedroom Smoke Alarm

Before we head to the bedroom, let’s linger in the hallway for a moment. At an absolute minimum, smoke alarms should be installed immediately outside bedrooms.

Think of your own home’s layout when you read the following: “smoke alarms must be located in areas between bedrooms and the rest of the house.” That typically means corridors and hallways, but also rooms that directly lead to bedrooms. However, you may also consider having a smoke detector in each bedroom to provide your family with the very best protection.

Smoke Alarm Tips

  • Don’t install smoke alarms near windows, vents or fans as they may fail to pick up on smoke or fire
  • Test monthly, change batteries annually, and replace devices every ten years
  • If you are renting, it is your responsibility to alert your landlord to a faulty smoke alarm. It is your landlord’s responsibility to replace batteries annually.

Protect your home – and most importantly – your loved ones, from the risk of fire with an authorised and effective smoke alarm solution. Bara Electricals qualified electricians can help homeowners and landlords increase their ability to detect fire and evacuate without injury through our smoke alarm testing, replacing, and installation services.

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Always remember that early detection of fire is achievable when your alarms are positioned and installed correctly in your home or workplace.