YAY! Spring has arrived and Summer is coming soon. Now is the perfect time to get your alfresco area sorted for entertaining outdoors in the warmer months to come.
Overhead Ceiling Fans
Don’t sweat it on the hot days with a ceiling fan installed under the outdoor alfresco or in the man cave.
Patios often trap hot air so by installing an overhead fan the hot air will be disbursed and air circulation increased. Moving air makes you feel cooler, and fans are a cost effective cooling option to buy and install.Entertaining family and friends during summer will be a breeze!

Outdoor Power
Need some additional external power outlets? These are a must for outdoor living and come in weather proof designs for safety. We install extra sockets to cater for all your electronic devices.
During winter moisture can get into external electrical sockets, so it’s also a good time to have existing outlets checked to ensure there is no sign of water ingress.

Light up your life
Extra lighting is a wonderful way to highlight garden features or the swimming pool. Bring those dark corners to light with new lighting for summer.
We can upgrade existing lights, install extra lights, either wall mounted or overhead, place lights under eaves, in patio areas or along pathways, and in gardens for safety and effect.

Be Bug Free
The flies and mozzies are the downside of summer, but we can help you get them under control by installing an electric bug zapper. This will allow you and your guests enjoy the outdoors without being attacked. Zappers come in all sizes and we can help you choose one that’s right for your entertaining area. We’ll install a power point in the right spot for you up high or under eaves so your new zapper can plug straight in.

Instant Tunes
Having music at the touch of a button through hardwired Wi-Fi ceiling speakers in you entertaining area will add to the fun of get together this summer. You can stream your music from any device and not have to worry about those portable speakers going flat anymore.